Hello, me again. As well as writing this rather crass and low-brow blog I also do lots of other things. You may like some of them, possibly even enough to pay me to do them. Here are some (but not all) of the things I will do for money:

  • Columns and Features - You should pay me to write these, I'm actually quite good at it when money's on the table. My desire not to starve makes me creative and gramatically correct.
  • Manuscript Assessments - For those budding authors/screenwriters out there I offer a comprehensive manuscript assessment service, offering professional advice on the best ways to improve your manuscript and your chances of getting an agent and seeing your work in print. 
  • Copywriting - Need some copy for your website/flyer/small card to be placed inside a telephone box so people will contact you and pay you for your illicit services? By focusing on the type of service you offer and your demographic, I will provide written copy specifically designed to appeal to your audience.
  • Copy Editing - I fix your mistakes good.
For more info have a gander at or click on the contact page.

Also available for birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.

Here's a picture of a baby hippo: